A downloadable game

Any question,complaints or anything just email me at codingWithHambone@gmail.com

Flappy Meat, game made for the Flappy Jam! Could not get the sound to work!

Andrew - Art

Hambone - code

Unoriginal Gam3s

Sorry it is only in binary format!

(Some users have had issues with clicking the PLAY shortcut, if this is the case for you then please go to the bin folder and run it from there )

**UPDATE** updated the game with sounds(that should of been there) and I believe I fixed the launch game issues. Let me know if you have trouble playing the game!

Hope you in enjoy!



Install instructions



Click on the Flappy Meat file

Click PLAY! (Some users have issues using the play shortcut, if you do go to the bin folder and run it from there)



Flappy_Meat.zip 2 MB